Corporate and Events

I am happy to offer on-site chair or table massage at events or as a regular workplace ‘wellbeing treat’.

Massage can have many benefits for your Employees and in turn You as an employer.

  • Feeling looked after and valued at work
  • Better sleep patterns
  • Boosted immunity
  • Reduce the adverse effects of working at a desk such as:
    • neck and shoulder tension
    • eye strain
    • lower back tension
  • Increased productivity through:
    • a welcome break in the day
    • improved focus and concentration
    • energy boosting treatment
    • reduced fatigue
    • less sick days

I use on-site chair massage when I volunteer at the annual London Moonwalk, in aid of breast cancer. This is 5 hours of short treatments which is very rewarding, exhilarating and receives great feedback.

I also have volunteered at the finishing line of the London Marathon for the Charity Afghan Aid. I provided a very welcome calming, and detoxifying massage for the runners’ overworked muscles.

Rates are negotiable.
Please contact me – Tel: 07940-006816 or Email