Frequently Asked Questions

This depends on which treatment you are going to have:

  • Indian head massage and On-site Chair massages are carried out fully dressed
  • Treatments for a specific problem will require bare skin in and around the treatment area only
  • For a full body treatment, towels are used to cover the whole body, except the area being massaged. One of these towels is provided before and after treatment to preserve privacy while dressing and undressing. Most people prefer to wear underwear.

This choice is yours.  My advice is to think about where you will feel most able to relax and therefore benefit from massage therapy.  I am happy to work in any space that is big enough.  See How It Works

  • Not for Full Body massage; I need to be able to work from all sides.
  • Exception can be made for illness or infirmity.
  • As a Massage Therapist, I have an obligation to find out about every client’s background and health. This enables me to ensure that:
    • your wishes and preferences are taken into account
    • I deliver appropriate and safe treatment
    • I do not cause any harm during treatment.
  • The consultation form is an important part of the first treatment to get a complete picture of you as an individual. You can download the form here and complete it prior to my visit if you wish.
  • A consultation form must be completed for all clients before treatment can be given with no exceptions.

I work on a mobile basis only.

This depends on individual need.

  • For some issues a single treatment can be all that is required.
  • Other specific problems may need daily, twice weekly or weekly therapy.
  • Weekly, once a fortnight or monthly sessions can provide long term benefit.

The required amount depends on one or more factors such as:

  • Exercise levels. Those with particularly high or low levels of exercise generally require more therapy
  • General Health. Underlying conditions such as arthritis or neurological disorders may contribute to a greater need
  • Ability to heal
  • Stress or tension in life
  • Usually you will feel better for having massage.
  • Often I will recommend aftercare to help maintain the benefits gained from a treatment; usually stretches or light exercise.
  • You may not always feel the benefit straight away as massage can change the balance of the body. The release of tension and toxins into your system or letting go of emotional tension can trigger some temporary adverse effects such as:
    • Headache
    • Pain in the area of treatment
    • Tiredness
    • Low mood

These effects and other adverse effects should be short-lived and then you will hopefully feel better than before the treatment. If not, I will be happy to advise you further.

Massage therapy alters the tissues in the body and can release metabolic waste and toxins so drinking water before and after massage therapy can help the body remove these by flushing them out. You may notice increased urination too; this is normal.

If you have any other questions about massage therapy and treatments I provide; please contact me on 07940-006816 or and I will be happy to discuss them.